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Egg Prices and Terms

I will no longer be selling Calls due to health reasons. This website will remain available as a reference for others. If you would like to find a Call breeder to purchase Calls I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Call Club. Through the club you will be able to network with other breeders, perhaps find a mentor fairly close to you who can help you learn hands on and also be able to locate other breeders nationally and internationally to share information and find birds. The National Call Breeders' Member Search page can also help you find a breeder near you. Another excellent web resource is the Brown Egg Blue Egg Show Listing page. This page lists upcoming shows by state. If you don't find anything close in the upcoming list, look at the page with past shows and see if there was anything close to you last year. Most shows are held in the same location at about the same time every year. If you know when the show was held the previous year you can check back closer to the show date for updated information. Despite the large number of colors of Calls available, beginners are better off with at least one of the basic colors, either white or grey. If you really want to try another color, that can be done as well but one of the two basics is much easier to start.

Our past buying terms for reference only:

2005 prices - White and Grey Call Eggs

$4 each plus shipping

Black East Indie and Blue Call Eggs

$3 each plus shipping

Guinea* Eggs

$1.50 each plus shipping

Before deciding to hatch Call eggs, keep in mind that they are among the most difficult of waterfowl eggs to hatch under optimum circumstances even for experienced breeders! Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on hatching Call eggs. We make NO GUARANTEE of hatchability on shipped eggs! Once they leave our farm, we have no control over what happens to them and there are many things that can happen to reduce the chances of them hatching. With our current packing techniques, we have not heard of any eggs being cracked during shipping even though some of the boxes were in pretty bad shape. Temperature extremes, excess shaking, air pressure during flight and incubation problems can all reduce the chances of eggs hatching. Just because it didn't develop or hatch, doesn't mean it wasn't fertile. With any duck eggs, it is highly likely that we will not be able to replace any eggs that do not hatch and will probably not be able to accommodate late orders. We normally start shipping duck egg orders once we have determined that fertility is good. Some years it takes some changes in breeders and then waiting again to see if the eggs are fertile which may push back the estimated shipping dates.

Ducklings from eggs are intended as high end pet quality/low end breeder quality though there may be individuals that may be better than that. Depending on the level of competition, these might make fine 4-H or Junior level show birds. Eggs are NOT out of the same matings that we use for our show stock. Please do not ask for eggs from our show matings as we do not sell eggs from those matings.

*Guinea eggs are seasonal - approximately May through July. Shipping of eggs is via Priority Mail. Shipping for 1/2 dozen is $6; 1 dozen is $8; 2 dozen is $10; 4 dozen is $12. A 10% discount (not including shipping costs) will be given for orders from 4-H members under the age of 16 purchasing the birds or eggs for a poultry project. To qualify for the discount, have your 4-H leader send a letter on the organization's letterhead that the birds or eggs are being purchased for the member's project. We reserve the right to require additional proof that the birds or eggs are being purchased for the stated purpose.

Early orders are highly recommended. Duckling orders in particular are often booked well in advance. A deposit of 20% is required to book an order. Deposits are not refundable. If we are unable to fill your order for some reason, you will have the option to roll your order into the following year (your order will have priority in the following year at the price quoted when your order was placed) or have your money refunded. If you choose to cancel the order and have paid money above the 20% deposit, that money (not the deposit) will be refunded to you. Orders are placed by e-mail with a deposit to follow by mail. Please humor my fragile sanity and include name, address, zip+4, phone # and e-mail address with your deposit or payment.

Any unpaid balance due must be paid within one week after you are notified of the tentative shipping date. Orders not paid in full will not be shipped and deposits may be forfeited if not paid in a timely manner. You may also lose your option to purchase birds/eggs in the current year depending upon demand. We accept certified checks, money orders and Paypal. Personal checks are accepted but require a two week hold for clearance. If you intend to pay by personal check, make sure there is time for it to clear before the shipping date. Specific shipping dates cannot be guaranteed. The birds don't always lay on our schedule and may not hatch as expected. We normally ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Below are some representative pictures of the breeders your eggs will come from. Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.

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